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KRONER wheel bearings cover a wide range of bearings intended for cars of Russian production and the range of keen demand for foreign production cars. Range for foreign production cars is intended for brands of such cars: Ford Focus, Daewoo Nexia, Hyundai Accent, Renault Logan, VW Passat, Chevrolet Lanos, Daewoo Matiz, Opel Astra, Chevrolet Lacetti, Hyundai Getz, Ford Fusion, Skoda Octavia, Renault Megane, KIA Spectra, Audi A6, Ford Mondeo, VW Golf.


Durability and high quality of KRONER bearings is ensured by a series of special procedures which are performed during the process of manufacturing. Quality control department is fully equipped with all necessary equipment for monitoring and testing, including interactive examination, measuring transducers and range of instruments for functioning characteristics testing. Professional inspectors and engineers, who are guided by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 system quality management certificate standards, work in the process of control. The quantity of the personnel, which is engaged in the quality control is 40 people.


Procedures of the testing of parts:

  • All the raw materials, which are used in the manufacturing are strictly tested with the help of metallurgical testing and only tested materials are used in the further processes.
  • All the components, which are used at every stage of the manufacturing process are strictly tested and checked.
  • All the components and final products are cleaned after polishing and are dehumidified several times.
  • 100% of the production is checked and tested before the final packing including sound, vibratory testing as well as radial and axial clearance.


In the process of manufacturing are used:

  • High-accuracy polishing equipment with digital control.
  • Automatic machines for cleaning and dehumidifying.
  • Automated lines of assembly.


Belt tension pulleys


Manufacturing of KRONER belt tension pulleys is based on and is a continuation of German machine building traditions. This minimizes more than 20% wear of functional area and edge of the belt and ensures the best tension.



  • Enhanced wear resistance and improved quality of the surface processing increases the durability of the pulley more than by 20%;
  • Reduces the noise level more than by 10%;
  • Reinforced construction of the bearing;


Release bearings


KRONER release bearings stand out for their reinforced construction, what allows to sustain higher and critical radial and axial loads. Clutch bearings KRONER absorb vibration 20-30% better (vibration dampening).

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