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Brake Pads


All suppliers of all components for KRONER brake shoes and pads manufacturing are famous European and American companies: Itaprochim (Italy); Came (Italy); Wurth (Germany); GMT (USA); UTIL (Italy).


High technology materials, which improve antinoise characteristics by 10-20%, are used for production of KRONER brake blocks.


Checked ingredients of the functional layer allow excluding of squeal during the process of braking and also polish the brake disk. At the beginning of exploitation the block is already not „afraid“ of high temperatures and the disk is not harmed by the „accelerator“ reseating, and that is a result of „Termoshock“ (momentary high temperature frictional mass surface impact) technology implementation.


Advantages of KRONER brake shoes and pads:

  • Friction coefficient stability at the alteration of temperature, pressure and velocity;
  • High level of durability;
  • Capacity to absorb warmth from heated surface of brake assmebly;
  • Superb damping qualities;
  • Environmental safety;
  • Braking comfort and safety (absence of squeal and vibration).
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