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CV Joints


KRONER constant-velocity universal ball joints embrace full range of Russian manufacturers’ front-wheel drive vehicles constant-velocity universal ball joints.



KRONER constant-velocity universal ball joints are produced of selected materials, and they undergo many specially developed procedures and several tests before getting to the buyer.

KRONER company produces and distributes constant-velocity universal ball joints with special molybdic cover in the zone of separator.


Molybdenum has a high-level resistance to the effect of sulfuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric and other acids. Because of sufficient thickness and impenetrability those covers are also resistant to many kinds of liquid metal sodium salts. Molybdic covers stand out because of high solidity (400…900 HV), durability and resistance to abrasive action and erosion.


Package contents:

  • Protecting cover is produced of high quality rubber which sustains high tensile loads, is resistant to erosion (solidity characteristics remain within the interval of temperatures from -41 to +100˚С);
  • Clamps made of high-solidity stainless steel materials ensure reliable and long-lasting junction and sealing;
  • Universal waterproof antifrictional viscous lubrication does not solidify and retains its qualities within the interval of temperatures from -40 to +100˚С.
  • Work gloves with Kroner company logotype


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