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Shock Absorbers


KRONER produce two types of shock absorbers: hydraulic and gas charged. Damper struts, cartridges and shock absorbers in one set are offered. All the produced shock struts pass the quality control for tightness, cushioning force and squeeze. All steps of manufacturing, as well as providers of components are certified according to standards ISO 9001:2001 and ISO/TS 16949:2002.


Advantages of KRONER shock struts:

  • Shock strut piston has a really smooth surface, which is covered by super-hard layer of chrome.
  • Roughness of the shock strut piston is less than 0,04 μм, as it meets the standards of OEM manufacturers.
  • More durable and fatigue proof oil seal with automatic compensating system is used in production.
  • Shock struts are specially calibrated and that significantly increases durability levels.
  • Every shock strut is tested in the test bench of squeeze and cushioning force before closing it.
  • When producing a shock strut, special ingredients of oil is used, what allows for suspension element to run stably within the range of temperatures from -40˚С to +55˚С.
  • Welding of shock struts is automated, what ensures accuracy and reliability.
  • Shock strut valves of squeeze are tested in the lab before assembly.
  • Every batch of shock struts passes the control of providing resource for exploiting for no shorter than 5 years.
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