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Reliability and solidity of KRONER crosspieces is ensured by thermal processing. When producing KRONER crosspieces, hydraulic forging of stainless fittings is carried out, what guarantees indisputable quality. The crosspiece is protected by grease from dirt and dust. Alloy of anticorrosive steel guarantees special KRONER crosspieces’ protective properties and resistance to corrosion (based on lab tests, resistance increased by 25-30%).


Quality control during the production process:

  • Mechanical tests;
  • Hardness tests;
  • Geometry tests;
  • Production control at the backend of the process.


Advantages of KRONER cardan shaft crosspieces:

  • Greasing which is on the fitting assures effective lubricant supply and distribution system to the working space of the roller bearings;
  • Rounding bearings’ needles’ ends and thermal processing;
  • When producing cups of crosspieces, which are intended for lubricant retention in the roller bearings, elastomer is used. Elastomer is capable of retaining elasticity in the extreme conditions of exploitation in the temperatures from -40˚С to +55˚С;
  • Qualitative thermal-resistant lubricant is used;
  • Reduced diameter of needles and bigger quantity of them ensure enhanced load-carrying capacity;
  • Magnified diameter of crosspin.
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