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KRONER – it’s a German origin brand mark which preserved all major traditions of spare parts manufacturing: strict control of quality parameters and precision down to small things. At the present time KRONER belongs to the company group TEGRA.

KRONER brand mark belonged to the company Delada since 1994. In order to attract investments and to unite rich experience of the companies after 15 years of successful development in the Russian market DELADA and now belong to the company group ITAKO.


KRONER production is manufactured in more than 30 factories which are certified according to ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 standards and which are also situated in European Union.

KRONER production is located in technologically leading businesses, which ensure the quality during all the process, beginning from purchasing raw materials till the turnout of prepared production. The quality of every batch of spear parts is repeatedly tested in Lithuania, where specially equipped labs are located.

The chain of delivery from the factory to the final consumer is organized and controlled with the help of contemporary and smoothly running system of warehouse stock administration, and that allows providing high service level.


KRONER specializes in manufacturing and produces to Russia these groups of components:

  • Constant-velocity universal ball joints and driveshafts;
  • Repair packages of constant-velocity universal ball joints;
  • Bearings;
  • Shock struts;
  • Crosspieces;
  • Components of suspension;
  • Thermostats;
  • Water pumps;
  • Brake hoses, brake blocks;
  • Hydraulic actuators;


Assortment of KRONER – it’s spare parts of keen demand for the cars of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

KRONER offers 2 year or 50.000 km warranty for all of the production.

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Address: Savanorių ave. 178A, Vilnius LT-03154

Tel: +370(618)42-448; +370(52)661-160
Fax: +370(52)661-171
E-mail: info@kronerauto.com

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